MADE IN USA. The Lilliput LCD kit allows you to install an LCD in your dash, replacing the stock radio head unit. The LCD has a 15:9 VGA input and a built in touchscreen for use with your computer. It also has 2 video inputs (PAL or NTSC) to hook up to a DVD player, XBox, reverse camera, etc.  The Lilliput Specs can be found here.


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This is the only kit available that will give you an LCD monitor in place of your radio without any kind of modification (drilling, cutting, sanding etc) or gluing to your car. This is a "bolt in" kit that can be easily removed and you can re-install your stock radio at any time, making it easy to sell your car when the time comes. It does however require wiring, but nothing beyond what a car stereo or alarm installation would require.

For 2008, the new LED Backlight Lilliput 629 LCDs are a great improvement on the previous models. Kits for these new LCDs are now available as a KIT1LED only.

Kits for the older 619 and 629 are still available.

Contact me if you wish to get information on Kit3 and Kit4 with the new 2008 LED Backlit LCDs.

Kit 1

Complete Do It Yourself Bezel Kit (includes bezel, chassis, PCB mounting brackets, all screws).

Bezel is CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Billet. Chassis is CNC punched from 5052-H32 Aluminum sheet metal.

LED kits are for 2008 LED Backlight Lilliput 629 LCDs.

Kit 1 - Shipping in USA (3 lbs) $135

Kit 1i - Kit 1 with International Shipping $155

Kit 1LED - Shipping in USA (3 lbs) $150

Kit 1LEDi - Kit 1 with International Shipping $170

Kit 2

Chassis Only - Includes hardware to mount chassis in vehicle.


Kit 2 - Shipped in USA (2 lbs) $45

Kit 2i - Kit 2 with International Shipping $65

Kit 3

Send me your working Lilliput LCD and I will return it to you fully wired and ready to drop into your dash. Power input will be a Molex 4 Pin (hook it up to your PC power supply with an extension cable) and you use the Lilliput supplied cables for VGA connection.  I will return all bits and pieces.

[Kit3 with KIT+BLACK shown in picture]

Kit 3 -  Shipped in USA (8 lbs) $ 193 total

Kit 3i - Same as 3, International Shipping $229

Kit 4

I will purchase Lilliput LCD (Lilliput Part Number 619GL-70NP) from either or and provide you with everything in #3.  Will ship LCD via UPS Ground to me in California - may take about 7 calendar days for me to get display. Then give me a day or two to build it up and ship it out.

[Kit4 with KIT+BLACK shown in picture
Running FrodoPlayer]

Kit 4 - Shipped in USA (8 lbs) $ 483 total

Kit 4i - Same as 4, International Shipping $519  


Add to any of the above kits - a black anodized kit. (May add a shipping delay to allow for anodozing). Please email me for stock status.

Kit+black $15.00


This is a 6ft long 12V power cable. One side plugs into your Kit3 or Kit4 LCD, the other end plugs into your computer's power supply to get a clean 12V power source. Made from good quality Belden cable, this cable is very flexible and easily reaches from your dash to under your front seat.

CABLE-PWR-6FT $12.00


NOTE: The following modifications are only available if you
are ordering Kit 3 or Kit 4.



This is a modification to your AC power supply (that puts out 12V DC) that comes with your Lilliput LCD. I will cut off the power connector and install a 4 Pin Molex (Hard Drive) connector so you can power up your LCD without needing a PC Power Supply.

Good for working with LCD out of the car or with a desktop PC.

AC-PWR-MOD (Kit3 & Kit4 only) $3.50

This is a modification to your 12V Lighter power cord that comes with your Lilliput LCD. I will cut off the power connector and install a 4 Pin Molex (Hard Drive) connector so you can power up your LCD without needing a PC Power Supply.

Needed if you don't have a Car-PC and want to power up the LCD for use with the video inputs (DVD, X-BOX, PlayStation or Rear View Camera)

DC-PWR-MOD (Kit3 & Kit4 only) $3.50

This modification adds 2 RCA video cables to allow access to your 2 video inputs. Normally the video inputs are accessed via a side connector, but when installed in the kit, the connector cannot be mated due to space constraints.

You will need this modification if you plan to use the video inputs in addition to the VGA input.

VIDEO-MOD (Kit3 & Kit4 only) $10.00

This modification removes the infrared remote sensor from the PCB and re-attaches it via an 18" long cable.

This allows you to remote locate the IR remote receiver so you can still use the Lilliput remote control. Typically the IR receiver is mounted inside the air duct (some drilling is required) and you can just point the remote into the air duct. Required if you want to change the inputs to the LCD from VGA to video 1 or Video 2. Also allows you to access the LCD setup menu.

REMOTE-MOD (Kit3 & Kit4 only)



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