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If you are looking to build a kit that doesn't require ANY SOLDERING, then the newer Lilliput 629GL-70NP LCD is for you. Lilliput uses the exact same LCD panel and touchscreen as in the 619GL LCDs, but the PCB is different. The advantage is an easier kit build. The disadvantage, the PCB needs to be glued/epoxied in place.


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How to install your Lilliput LCD in Bezel Kit

For the 2005 - 2007 629GL-70NP

Box looks the same as the 619
Same old box, new label
Wrapped in plastic. Its a good idea to fully test your LCD to confirm its working. Once you take it apart, it won't be easy to get it fixed under warrantee.
Remove the 4 screws on the back
Gently move the housing to the side. Be careful not to disturb the cables.

Loosen the clamps and move them out of the way

Other Side
Pull the front face plate off

Remove the screws holding the green switch PCB

Pull up the LCD and remove the 4 screws holding the big green PCB to the back of the housing.

Be careful with the cables and leave them hooked up

2 screws on the other side
Once the big green PCB is free, gently pull it away from the housing. Disconnect the speaker connector.
Now the LCD guts should be separate from the housing and all the cables (except the speaker cable) are still attached.

Gather up the screws and put them in a baggie.

Now take the backlight wires and tuck them into the channel on the back of the LCD panel.

Put the LCD and touchscreen into the bezel.

Take the black plastic mounts and screw them into the bezel. Put 2 small Sorbothane squares between the LCD panel and the plastic mounts.

Use 2 #4-40 flat head screws.

Do the same on the other side.

Use 2 #4-40 flat head screws.

Attach the bezel to the chassis with the 6 flat head screws (#6-32)
Now would be a good time to attach the Subaru brackets to the chassis (not shown)

Attach the breakout connector to the big PCB. This connector and because the PCB is taller requires you to mount the PCB at weird angles in the chassis.

Gently take the big PCB and the small PCB and place them in a position such that the big PCB does not stick out above the chassis.

In order to make it fit, the big PCB is at an angle as shown.

Be careful not to strain the cables when doing this.

Top view

You should pull the touchscreen connection off the foam tape to give yourself a bit more cable to maneuver things around.

Once you get it in place, you need to glue or epoxy it.

I used hot melt glue in addition to double stick foam tape.

More hot melt glue
Double stick foam tape on the skinny switch PCB and along the bottom of the big PCB.

Hot melt glue on the upper corners of the big PCB.

When you're done, be sure to plug it in and test it.

Since there is no soldering involved, this build is fairly easy. You just need to take your time and be careful not to strain the cables.

Note: By cutting the strain relief on the beige connector (audio/video/power cable), you can get the board to mount flush on the back of the LCD. Be careful not to cut into the copper conductors.

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